Deven Talbot


Deven stands, at 5' 9", appears well built, but his strength has exceeded his apparent ability on several occasions. He has short cropped brown hair with hazel eyes and dark skin for an islander. When others first meet him they cannot miss the massive greatsword hilt above his shoulder. He wears serviceable and well kept clothing with scale armor and a dark green cloak that bears a brooch in the form of a silver anvil on a black diamond, the sigil of his house.


April 4th, 300 FW


A small troop of new recruits arrives at the wall. Their appearances are pretty typical, the normal nervous green recruits mixed with the uncaring and lost dregs of the continent. All except one. He looks very normal in most ways, non-descript but well cared for clothing and armor, shortcropped brown hair, average height though well built. However this recruit has no fear in his eyes, he has an intent and searching gaze. As he enters the camp he peers around, taking in his surroundings. His gaze settles on a campfire tended by a grizzled and graying swordsman. The young recruit breaks from the line and walks to him.


"Hail Tanner"

The grizzled man looks up in suprise

"Young Talbot. I had thought that you had been overlooked, and that you would find a master to train under in the East."

"I had but I was called back. I've sent letters to father and to Blackstone Hold, but have had no reply. All I have heard is the message I recieved from the crown informing of my conscription, and my new obligation to the wall. I left my teacher and came immediately not wanting to bring dishonor to my family. Why are you here? Should you not be manning the guard at Blackstone?"

 "Alas, I'm not at liberty to discuss it, you'll have to look elsewhere for your answers Deven, the only news that I can give you is that your father was alive when I left the Hold and still is to the best of my knowledge. Perhaps more will be revealed when things have been settled a bit." Tanner glances over his shoulder at a parade ground with a platform with a clanging bell. "that is a summons for the new recruits. Best head over, I'll see what I can do about setting you up with an up and coming lance. Do your work here well and perhaps it will serve you well in the future. I'll see you around camp"


Deven's brow furrows in frustration at the scant information, but settles himself back into a more appropriate demeanor and turns toward the clearing and his new commanding officer, content to establish himself so that he can ask the questions he needed, and expect to get the answers. 


Deven Talbot

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