Michael Camax

More awesome than you. The second son of a wealthy merchant, he's been sold into the army. Essentially.


Traits:  World Traveller, Tall

Feats:  War Leader, Combat Reflexes 

Weapon:  Glaive 


Michael is a tall drink of water, lanky for his height.  Standing above most others on the Wall, he has short-cut black hair and a lightweight set of clothing so that he can move easily.   Linen breeches in good repair reach down to tall, muddy boots.  His nose looks a bit "funny," with a large hook at the end and a sharp bend in the middle.  The glaive strapped to his back, combined with his well-kept clothing lend him an air of authority.


Second son of a merchant and of common birth, Michael has recently been promoted to Lance Corporal (LC) by his commanding officer Corporal Bill Willaimson, and been given command of the newly formed Greenthorn Lance.


Michael's father, Gabriel, was a merchant from Wight.  Michael took many adventures with him as they travelled to the mainland in search of exotic goods, such as silk and jewelry.  When Gabriel travelled abroad, he often was approached regarding a seemingly famous supply of herbs and medicines.  Michael, in travelling to odd lands and seeing foreigners from far away places, gradually started to pick up an aptitude for spoken language and a perception of people's personalities.  The second son, he has little recollection of his early childhood, only being on the road since birth.  When visiting home, though, his mother always seemed cold, much colder to him than to his elder brother, destined to take over Gabriel's business, or to his younger brother, destined for priesthood.  Michael, as second son, was sent to the Wall to join the army, where his ability to analyze new and shifting situations has quickly earned him a promotion to Lance-Corporal of the Greenthorns.  

Michael Camax

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