Malek stands at a slightly above average 5’ 7” with long blond hair and dark green eyes. Built quick and strong Malek is obviously well disciplined from his physical condition. Hardly ever without a full quiver and his bow, he wears a pair of short swords as well and, more often than not, more daggers that you can see on him. When not caught unawares he wears studded leather and is seldom seen without his huge wolf skin cloak.


Born into a bandit group he grew up on the run, moving from place to place. He quickly learned the art of skulking, riding and the value of keeping an eye pealed and an ear to the ground.

Most of his early years were spend staying clear of the wall as his father was a branded man, and known to the authorities.

It was early on that Malek’s father, Rob, noticed he seemed to have an aptitude for hitting a mark at range. Whether it was hucking rocks at one of the other boys in the band or taking out a quail with a sling bullet, the boy Malek had a dead eye. And it wasn’t long before he began to learn from his father, the best archer the group had, not only to shoot but the art of crafting arrows and bows.

As far as Malek was concerned this life of banditry was not wrong. Most of the groups raids were against the local tax collectors, who levied steep tariffs in the name of the greedy Duke, Cyrus. Cyrus governed the area of the country from which Malek’s line hailed. Since coming to power many good folk had been imprisoned for ‘tax evasion’ and more still had lost business to the rising cost of living.  It was not long before Rob and several others began to attack the Duke’s collectors, as by then, it was clear that their options were limited. The Duke responded by forming a sizable militia to put the bandits down. The Duke’s chief enforcer, Mormont, was twisted hateful man who had no greater pleasure than to ‘detain’ people in the middle of then night for tax evasion. Before long Rob met him and through the ensuing fight, they each left their respective marks on one another, Rob taking off Mormont’s right ear, and Mormont leaving Rob a finger less.

It was not long after that word got out that Cyrus was moving a large portion on his ill gotten taxes to a more secure location, and not wanting to miss an opportunity to get back some of what the people had suffered Rob decided to stage a daring raid.
As it turned out the raid was a set up, and in the swirling ambush over half of the band were killed, many other Rob included missing or presumed dead, the rest routed. Through the fighting Malek was taken prisoner, and sent to the Wall to work off his debt to society, none knowing who his father was.


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