A shorter than average man who looks to be in his early 20's. Always seen in grey or black garb under a black cloak. Often has his cloak's hood drawn up, hiding the mutiple scares on his face. Seems to move around without a sound. Carries an eerie look about him.

He is never seen without his wolf cub companion.

Weapons: Often 2 short swords and Throwing Knives/Darts. 

Armor: Studded Leather Armor 

Special: Master's Lock Disarming Set

Other: <not revealed to anyone> A wellcrafted locked ornate wooden box containing: Poison Kit, 2 Ornate War Falcatas and 2 Ornate Stilettos (Family Heirlooms).

Agramon is a quaint fellow who pretty much keeps to himself. He doesn't have any known enemies, but allies are scarce for him as well. It is known on the wall that he has some connection with the man named Argus, whose purpose on the wall is also somewhat of a mystery.
Agramon is more often seen skulking around by night on the walls, keeping to himself and the wolf cub he has been training. There are two qualities known of Agramon. The first is that he is skilled in combat. Agramon typically duel wields short swords, and while sparing an opponent, will keep distance from his foe by tumbling out of range, until he sees an opening in his opponent's defenses, then moves in to strike for the win. The second is that if Agramon is given an order by a superior, he will do anything in his power to carry that out and he always, always keeps his word. 


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