War for the Throne

On the relative positons of the counties of Islatere in their bids for the throne.






Walsh has, for a long time, enjoyed the benefits of being locked solidly behind a mountain range, and having much of its population in fact living in said mountain range.  As such, it is nearly unconquerably, and very few have tried to completely subugate it.  It enjoys a large amount of autonomy, and so it remains largely aloof from the struggles of the rest of Isletair.  They have merely declared that they will abide by the decision of the rest of the country in its choice of ruler, but all know the consequences if that ruler should venture into Walsh for more power.





Lincoln, a land of great wealth in swords and talent in combat, has little ambitions themselves for the throne.  The Durbys seem quite content with their ducal position, and have instead thrown their considerable tactical weight behind Kent.  Currently, they have too large a border to defend from Lanks, Warwick, and York, and see Kent as their best ally in keeping the capital right where it is, where they can help control trade.



The family Somer has been positioning itself for this war for ages, and has Devon poised at the border to Kent, prepared for a war fuller than a snake having eating a watermelon.  Their considerable navy has been maneuvering around to both the south and the north.  In the north, they amass an armada to intimidate Lanks, and in the south to cut off Kentish ports.  They have declared no barricades yet, but should they choose to, they may easily be able to cripple trade for both those counties, a devastating blow.



Kent has been preparing for this moment for ages.  After decades of infighting under the old king, with scheming back and forth under the guidance of the Right Honorable Ducal Advisor, and a succession of dukes training would-be usurpers, there is suddenly a peace and calm unknown in Kent's politics.  All forces, for once, are massed behind their current Duke, Lord Ludington the Third, and they are amassing forces at the border with Devon.



Essex, a normally calm county, is certainly getting riled up now.  When the last king became king, he re-conquered Essex and forced their loyalty.  For decades, they have respected that authority from combat, but have now declared themselves free from Isletair, as their last conqueror has died.  Their duchess, Her Grace Velma Skree, unites them and brings an army to the western edge of Essex, and has declared that any new king will have to subdue her forces before expecting any taxes or tithes.  Skree has also declared (happily for Lincoln and Kent) that all Isletair should remember that she will not be the one to strike the first blow, and has no desire to rule Isletair.

War for the Throne

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