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Our setting opens up with the characters stationed at a remote outpost on the Wall.  Constructed at the edge of memory, the Wall was built to keep the Northern savages out of our grand kingdom, Islaterr.  For some, serving at the Wall is a bitter honor, a forced political exile from home or a reprieve from a life in prison.  For others the duty of keeping the wilderness out of their lands justifies the scant pay and risk of life and limb.  Magic- elves, undead, dragons, enchanted relics- is the stuff of old wives' tales and half-crazed survivors' tales from beyond the Wall.

The king is dying.  He is an ancient but powerful man, once an unrivaled warrior and political mastermind, he has outlived all his direct heirs.  Civil unrest grows in the south as greedy nobles gather armies to make a bid for the crown.  As that unrest grows, life becomes more difficult for those at the Wall.  Fewer recruits and supplies arrive as noble families marshal troops instead of graciously donating to the Wall.

Caught between a brewing civil war in the south and the Northern menace characters must decide where their loyalties lie, and what the consequences for their actions may be.

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