Lanks:  Flatlands and forest, goods include fishing and lumber.  Significant naval ability, primarily directed at keeping piracy at bay.  Lanks trades regularly with Walsh for wool in exchange for dried fish and lumber.  Lanks has recently taken on a massive navel expansion in an effort to wipe out a pirate fleet harboring at Lost Isle, somewhere off the coast.

Man (Lanks):  If there ever was a family that chomped at the bit, it would be that of Man.  Overzealous, aggressive, and power hungry, Man lacks the subtly to succeed in courtly intrigue.  As a result they remain a minor family, and are carefully watched, and manipulated, by Lanks.  Over the years they have had a number of problems with bandits, self stylized heroes of the people.  The recent capture and execution of the hoodlum Rob have brought these escapades to a near halt.  Currently ruled by Cyrus Man.

Lost Isle (Lanks): An isle shrouded in mist and mystery it has evaded civilization longer than the North.  A pirate nation has sprung up there in recent years, but even they do not dare venture too far inland.  Notoriously difficult to find and surrounded by treacherous reefs some swear move as much as the tides.




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