Journal of Talbot

May 8th, 300 FW


Deven arrives back at the barrack after a mission to the south of the wall, he pulls of his armor and hops up onto his bunk with a groan. Slowly he starts to set to the hopeless task of repairing all the rents in his armor with some pliers.  Tanner hutles into the barrack a few minutes later a woried look on his face.


"Hail Deven"

"Hail Tanner"

"You survived, I feared for you going south of the wall like that, I had no word until you were gone."

"You feared for me going south of the wall? Not to say I had a pleasant jaunt down in the southlands but I thought tradition said you eat a good meal and find a woman's arms before you go norht, not south."

"Aye well there are dangers for some in the south that don't concern the watch." He looks around closer and leans in to whisper. "Did you have any word of the court or Blackstone while you wer ein the south?"

Deven looks and Tanner sternly. "You're hardly forthcoming with your information, you know more than you are revealing to me. I thought we were supposed to be friends and allies."

sigh "There are things that you are better off not knowing for now, there are dangers in the knowledge I have, things that you may be hanged for, and while you are hardly a rash lad, there are some things men can't bear quietly. Trust my judgement, it may be there will come a time whhen I can reveal more. What word of the court?"

"Very well, I have some suspicions about the nature of your secrets anyway, there seems to be some playing at the game of politics. News is that the king has not been seen at court for months, that he may already be dead. Sounds like there are several maneuvering to be in position to take the throne. Poor father, I know he was fond of the king, they used to enjoy hunting together when old man Durby used to call at court." 

"Hmmm, that is dark news indeed. We need to find a way to get down south so that we can take part. Our houses will get brushed aside if we cannot put ourselves in service to the proper heir and help in the defense against the usurpers. I will try to talk to Will and see if dispensations can be made for you and I. In the mean time keep yourself alive and keep your wits about you, not all on the wall are completely removed from their alliances and families, some would consider you an enemy if they knew your identity."

With that Tanner turns and heads out of the barracks. Deven looks across the room at a northman and meets his eyes. Did he keep eye contact too long or does Tanner have him jumping at shadows. Deven grunts to himself and pulls out his sword and holds it to his head. He channels his busy thoughts into the blade and eventually the void is restored. He sets back to work on his armor and after a few hours rolls over for some much needed rest. 



Journal of Talbot

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