Journal of Agramon

Campaign Entry 1:

Note 1:

It took some time to get over Nabina's death, but eventually I decided to train another dog to assist me in combat. I asked to take part on a hunting trip one fall afternoon with the intent on finding a wolf cub. The hunting trip was not intended to find or hunt wolves, but the party allowed I come along because it was likely that we run into a pack. The second night out, the small hunting party was attacked by a group of starved wolves, we were able to scare them off, but we killed quite a few of them. We followed a trail out to where we came across a deer carcuss and what was left of the wolf pack den. Inside, I found a wolf pup and brought it back to raise and train. 

Note 2:

Training of Nihra was not easy. Luckily, my commander referred me to a man who used to train guard dogs. He taught me the basics of training a fighting dog. I will have to take the time to build her trust in me in so that she will respond to my commands in adversive situations such as combat. I feel like a part of me is whole again, having a companion.


Journal of Agramon

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