House Rules

Story comes first:  Rules will be disregarded or modified at GM's discretion to advance story and atmosphere.

Encumberance is reduced:  Heavy Load is 10(str), Medium Load is 20/3(str), Light Load is 10/3(str).  This is more in line with realistic encumberance.  Max Load is 15(str) to 20(str), 5 foot step only.

Healing is reduced:  Reserve recovery is base (level+con mod) per day.  Full rest is 2(lvl+con mod) per day , long term care (as per Heal skill) is 2(lvl+con mod)per day, Full rest with long term care is 4(lvl+con mod) per day.  This resultes in increased recovery time more in line with serious injury.  As a further note, reserve does not recover if HP are not at max, and HP recover at the same rate as reserve.  One Bind Wounds heal check is allowed per encounter (not to exceed damage taken during encounter), performing this on yourself suffers a -10 penalty.

Armor Reduction is Static:  Light armors have 1 DR, Medium armors have 2 DR, Heavy armors have 3 DR, Plate has 4 DR.  Max Dex and check penalties are as listed per armor type, padded armor has been removed.

House Rules

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