Doms Pledges

Motley's Pledge: The Counter Lyrical Society (vow)

"Hand to hand we stand, and side by side.  Though my kin and I may quarrel, none may quarrel with my kin and not quarrel with me.  This is my oath: friendship, assistance, and the blessings that come of both, until the moon has spun anew.  May our prosperity desert us, and our talens fail us, should we break this vow.  Oh, and dude:  No singing in the car."

Medial Alliance (-2, risk health)

Lesser Boon (+1, one pip Resources)

Adroitness (+1, one pip Persuasion)

Adroitness (+1, one pip Drive)

Prohibition (-1, singing in the car)

Moon Duration (+2)

Poisoning of the Boon (-2, both Adroitnesses)



Lovers for a while: (vow)

"Come, fill my bed for a while, til the seasons change, and together we will awe the worlds with our beauty. Say nothing of my world though, nor take any other to bed, else it all come undone, and a mad hag stand where the lass once did."


Ensorcelment (+2)

Medial Forbiddance (-2, mortal must not reveal the changeling's true nature, or anything of the fae world)

Lesser Forbiddance (-1, take no other lover)

Medial Blessing (+2, mortal gains the 4 point Strinking Looks merit)

Adroitness (+1, gains on pip of Persuasion)

Poisoning of the Boon (-4, Both blessing and Ensorcelment)

Season Duration (+2)


Ensorcelment (-2)

Medial Blessing (+2, gains two additional pips of Striking Looks)

Adroitness (+1, gains one pip of Persuasion)

Poisoning of the Boon (-3 total)

Season Duration (+2)



In Defense of Family 

 Accept this charm, and gain the might to defend kith and kin.  Lose it, or speak of our pact, and shades and shadows shall hunt you where'er you walk.


Adroitness (+1 Brawl)

Blessing (+2, Grants +2 to existing brawl based merit, or gain lvl 3)

Ensorcelment (+2)

Forbiddance (-2, must not reveal changeling's nature, or anything of the fae world)

Task (-1 Must carry "lucky charm" at all times)

Poisoning of Ensorcelment (-2), Poisoning of Blessing (-2)

Duration: Season (+2) 


Adroitness (+1 Brawl)

Blessing (+2, grants 2 points in Draconic Martial Art)

Ensorcelment (-2)

Poisoning of the Boon (Both, -3) 

Duration: Season (+2)

Doms Pledges

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