Chain of Command

High King Thadius- High King of the Isle, dying monarch with no clear heirs.  His reign has been long and fruitful, but that age is soon coming to an end.


Captain Gregor Bask- Commander of the Wall.  In the rest of the King's Army, there are Generals, Field Marshals, etc.  Not so for the Wall.


West Lieutenant (Richard) Mason- One of three Lieutenants under Bask.  Mid Lieutenant Constantine has greater personal influence, but technically does not outrank East or West. 


Sargeant Samuel- One of several non-commisioned officers under Mason, he is the ranking officer in residence at the outpost.


Warrent Officer Argus- Arrived at the outpost in the last year and is very aloof.  Depending on who you listen to, he is either there to hide from the upcoming war because he is the King's true heir, or he is on a secret mission from the King himself.  While he technically does outrank Samuel, they typically stay out of each others' way.


Corporal (Bill) Williamson- Commands the squad in which our players have been assigned.  He is a simple man who has learned to never question orders, but follows them brilliantly and crisply.  He has apointed three Lance Corporals, including the recently promoted Michael Camax.


Lance Corporal Michael Camax- Newly apointed leader of the Greenthorn Lance, which consists of a small number of fresh, but somewhat talented, new recruits.  He is the second son of a merchant, and of common birth.


Privates Deven Talbot, Furd, Malek, Agramon- Members of the newly formed Greenthorn Lance.


Militiamen- While Privates do not have any official authority over militiamen, they will generally follow instructions out of deference to those with experience.

Chain of Command

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