Before the Wall (BW): Islaterr was inhabited by a number of tribes and Princedoms, constantly at war.  Little else is known
 of this era.


34 BW:  Lord Kent begins his campaign to conquer the other princedoms and tribes, through alliances, bribery, and force of arms. 

Founding of the Wall (FW):  Lord Kent, after 34 years of war, declares his kingdom to be complete.  He has engineers build a wall, marking the northern border of his conquests.

12 FW:  The Wall is finished, outposts are stationed at regular intervals to keep out foreign armies.

14 FW:  Tyne, chief of his tribe, begins work on the Second Wall, in an effort to include his people in the Kingdom of Islaterr

21 FW: Lord Kent dies at the age of 71.

23 FW: Tyne declares the Second Wall to be a success, but that it is still unfinished.  The eastern portion of the First Wall has not seen a single attack in six years.  Tyne offers alliegance to heir of Kent, but is refused.  Tyne refer to this as the First Insult.

67 FW: Ivans Tyne, grandson of Tyne the First, offers fealty to the King on the fiftieth anniversary of the last attack on the eastern First Wall.  The Second Wall suffers attacks almost daily, as does the Western Wall.  He is refused, this is the Second Insult.

117 FW: Lord Tyne the Fifth swears fealty to the King of Islaterr, and his forefathers are posthumously given Lordship in the Kingdom.  The eastern section of the First Wall is entirely abandoned, most of it overgrown and ruined already.  Construction of Eastwatch begins.  From here forward the divisions of the Wall are known as West Wall and Second Wall.

300 FW: In early Spring of the new year, the legendary Greenthorn band is formed, their tales yet unsung. (Dingo ate my Baby!)

April 8th to April 30th:  Frigid Bitch

May 13th to June 2nd: Here's the Money, Chink.

June 2nd to July 14th: We few, we lucky few.

August 1 to September 3: Vacation.

September 16 to October 2: The King is dead.  Long live… someone? 

October 2 to December 4:  Into the Wild!

Decemer 5 to January 24:  On the Road Again. 


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