Agramon Backstory

My name is Agramon and I am 20 years old.

When I was young, I believed I had a normal childhood. My father, mother and I would visit places, eat meals together and we even had a dog. It wasn’t until I was old enough to play with others in the town square that I noticed things were different about my family.

My parents would stay up very late, past when I went to sleep, and after some time, I noticed that at least one of them would leave the house to go somewhere every night. One time I found myself home alone with my dog Nabina. I wasn’t nervous, she was a 180 pound Wolf-hound after all, and she is trained to protect me and the house.

Not only did my parents have strange habits at night, but they also insisted on the family practicing daily fitness exercises that would last hours on end. Having done this since I was very young made these activities routine, but none of the other children did them with their parents. In some ways this paid off in the cases where other boys would challenge me to a race, or some other physical activity, and I always one, even against the older boys.

It was when I was 8 years old, when one night I heard someone come in the door and crash into things. I went out to inspect what was happening, and I found my mothers arm wounded with what looked like a slash from a large knife. On the floor near her I spied a set of bloody daggers. I asked what was going on, and my parents told me to return to bed.

On my 12th birthday everything became clear. We practiced our usual birthday traditions and when it all seemed to be over; I was presented with a final gift. It was a large wooden box with a lock on the top. My father gave me a key and with a grave look on his face, he asked me to open it. I turned the lock and pulled back the cover. Revealed were a set of shiny tools (lock picks), 2 brilliant stilettos, 2 wrist bands holding 3 throwing knives each and 2 intricately designed falcatas (short swords). Of course, I was overjoyed with such a wonderful gift, but I was still unsure as to why I was receiving these things. My parents then went on to explain that our family has served generations of kings by preventing dangerous men and women from harming the royal family. They explained that in some cases, diplomacy is not enough to keep the peace, and in such cases, the king uses special servants to eliminate the threats. My parents said that I was the next member of the family to inherit the honor of becoming one of the king’s special servants. I was so overjoyed at the thought of helping the king himself, that I nearly tackled my parents into a hug.

Over the next few years, I discovered that our exercises as a family were meant to prepare me physically and mentally for the rigors of stealth, combat and the elimination of enemies before they are aware of my presence. My parents continued to hone my skills, but specifically with my newly acquired weapons and raised my attention to details such as writings, locations, and knowing my surroundings. They also taught me how to command Nabina in combat. She was trained to work with me in more complicated circumstances where her job would be to immobilize targets and silence them quickly by placing her jaws over the necks of humans.

On my 16th birthday, a man appeared at the door late into the night. My parents did not say anything to him, but let him pass into the room. He took one look at me and told my parents they had done well. He walked over and handed me a slip of paper. When I opened it I saw an address and directions to eliminate all living residents. I looked up at the man with a confused on my face; he merely took the paper and tossed it into the hearth fire. Both my parents turned away from me and went into their room closing the door. Before the man left, he said one word, “tonight.”

I came home and wretched more than I thought humanly possible. The blood still stained my hands, the stilettos I used to pierce the brains of 3 of my victims, and the 2 falcatas I used to decapitate the guard half asleep at the front of the small estate. I thought to myself how could I ever do this again? I begged my parents for a reason why I had to do this, and they could give none. They only said that if we didn’t do it, then the king would order us to be killed out of the fear that we may some day betray his trust. It was less than 12 hours later that the same man showed up with another note. And thus, I continued the next few years of my life this way, as the king's assassin. I became very good at what I did, until one night, things were different.

I was 19 years old, and recieved my first order to assassinate an entire family in one night. I was hesitant, but still had every intention on following through with the orders. I tried to convince myself that what I was doing was for the good of the kingdom, but with little mental progress. When I arrived at my target’s address, I noticed a family portrait on the wall. A lump hit my throat, and it only got larger as I entered the first room to find a small girl sleeping on the bed. I skipped the room and went into the next to find a man, woman and child sleeping together in the same bed. I moved in behind the man to bury my stiletto and just as I was about to strike, I noticed the young girl staring at me. I lost all nerve and ran for the door, I tripped over some clothes and the man yelled for the guards. I barely made it out alive and unidentified.

I told my parents what happened. They were very concerned. They told me to pack my things and leave. I asked for them to come, but they said that they had to buy me time by showing up at the castle as if it were a regular day. I didn’t argue further, for I knew they were right. They told me that they had a distant cousin Argus, who worked on the wall as a military supervisor. Argus owed our family a great favor and he would have to repay it by providing me a place to hide out of the lord's reach. They told me to let him know who I was and that he would help me get a position on the wall until I was ready to leave. They handed me a map and traveling gear. They said use my skills to disguise my appearance daily, for it would be likely a long period of time before the king’s guards would stop looking for me. As I left, Nabina trotted after me, my parents didn’t stop her. That was the last I ever saw or heard from my parents. All I have to remember them by is the assassin’s tools that have been in my family for generations.

It took me some time, but I finally arrived at the wall. I met up with the man Argus, who tried out my skills, and then placed me on the wall in the “elite” forces section under his close supervision. I have received constant training since on military formation, drills and strategy. I have grown through the lower ranks of the wall as time has passed, but my less than charismatic personality has inhibited me from gaining any real leadership. Recently, Argus has been sending me out on missions that involved spying on local town officials and other people of importance. I started to get the feel that my past training with my parents may come back to haunt me. Nabina eventually passed away from old age and my heart sank, for she was the last living connection I had to my family at home.

Agramon Backstory

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