Tag: Wall


  • Calander

    Before the Wall (BW): Islaterr was inhabited by a number of tribes and Princedoms, constantly at war.  Little else is known
     of this era.


    34 BW:  Lord Kent begins his campaign to conquer the other princedoms and …

  • Samuel

    Sam is a man of vice- well, as much as a man in his position can be.  He goes out of his way to find reminders of civilized life to have brought to him at the Wall, and he's not one prone to sharing them.  Some of the men grumble about his …

  • Bill Williamson

    Bill comes from a long line of Williamsons, and has a family in the town to the south.  He has three sons, Billy, Willy and William that he will talk about endlessly after a few ales.

  • Argus

    Argus is a Warrent Officer stationed at the outpost with papers signed by the king himself, and is rumered to be the King's chosen heir.  Granted, he is also rumored to be the head of the King's Assassins, to have murdered his own father, and …