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  • Journal of Agramon

    Campaign Entry 1:

    Note 1:

    It took some time to get over Nabina's death, but eventually I decided to train another dog to assist me in combat. I asked to take part on a hunting trip one fall afternoon with the intent on finding a wolf …

  • AJp2

    Campaign Entry 2

    Note 1:

    Argus asked me to perform a special task that would take me off the wall today. Apparently, there were three men sent off to investigate some disturbance at a farm some days travel away. My assignment was to follow …

  • AJp3

    Campaign Entry 3

    Note 1: Argus informed me that the new L.C. Calmex would be recruiting me to his Greenthorne Squad.  I am to aid them in whatever mission they are undertaking and report back to Argus on my return. The training of Nihra is …

  • AJp4

    Campaign Entry 5:


    Note 1: Argus has summoned me for a meeting this evening. I know the Greenthorne party will be leaving soon, but I suspect Argus will want me to do a side job while they are tromping around, guarding those supplies. …

  • Journal of Talbot

    May 8th, 300 FW


    Deven arrives back at the barrack after a mission to the south of the wall, he pulls of his armor and hops up onto his bunk with a groan. Slowly he starts to set to the hopeless task of …