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  • Journal of Agramon

    Campaign Entry 1:

    Note 1:

    It took some time to get over Nabina's death, but eventually I decided to train another dog to assist me in combat. I asked to take part on a hunting trip one fall afternoon with the intent on finding a wolf …

  • AJp2

    Campaign Entry 2

    Note 1:

    Argus asked me to perform a special task that would take me off the wall today. Apparently, there were three men sent off to investigate some disturbance at a farm some days travel away. My assignment was to follow …

  • AJp3

    Campaign Entry 3

    Note 1: Argus informed me that the new L.C. Calmex would be recruiting me to his Greenthorne Squad.  I am to aid them in whatever mission they are undertaking and report back to Argus on my return. The training of Nihra is …

  • AJp4

    Campaign Entry 5:


    Note 1: Argus has summoned me for a meeting this evening. I know the Greenthorne party will be leaving soon, but I suspect Argus will want me to do a side job while they are tromping around, guarding those supplies. …

  • AJp5

    Campaign Entry 6


    Note 1: I headed into the mountains, which by no means were easy to navigate. After some long inspection, I came on what seemed like a light game trail, leading up a pass and into a mountain cave. Eerie was the …

  • AJp6

    Campaign Entry 7


    Note 1: Argus came into the study I've been using to decipher the wall glyphs I've been working on. He said it's time for me to head back out into the field. Apparently the Greenthorne Lance is heading …

  • AJp7

    Campaign Entry 8


    Note 1: Argus is gone, Lance Corporal Camax has brought another charge to our attention. One of our guys deserted the wall to join his home forces for a fight over territory-something easily started since the late …

  • AJp8

    Campaign Entry 10:


    Note 1: I've been running and living off the land for days. There is nothing on this island other than what came on the Naval ships. If I am to ever get out, I need to find some way into the soldier's ranks …