Broken Heroes


Wherein Greenthorns muddle things up.

Officially given a month's leave, and unofficially handed a bundle of orders, the Greenthorns set out to investigate the bandit problem they encountered in May near Lancastle.  Upon arrival they set up a small camp just north of the city, and headed in to attend to the task of gathering information on the villainous bandit leader Rob.  After hours of pub crawling, Deven Talbot and Agramon managed to catch a lead on someone who might be in the know.  A few hours later, they managed to track down one of his regular watering holes, and arranged a meeting for the next day.  That bit of work done, Agramon wandered down to the shipyards to attend to the task Argus had assigned him, and managed to get himself employed for the next day loading ships- the perfect chance for reconnaissance.  Regardless, the meet with the man in the know- a shifty fellow with one vividly green eye, the other patched over- went rather well, and he agreed to arrange a meet with Rob under the presumption that the Greenthorns were interested in joining forces with Rob.  The meet with Rob the following day, however, did not go as well.  Rob, clever bandit leader as he is, realized he was being lied to and called off further contact with the lance, and vanished into the woods.  'Jacob' (an obvious pseudonym of the one eyed man) lead the party back to where their arms and armor had been stashed, and similarly vanished into the woods, but not before startling the party with knowledge of Michael's surname, which had never been mentioned.

On returning to camp, the Greenthorns were received by armed soldiers, who requested their cooperation in an ongoing investigation of bandit activities being conducted by W.O. Aaron, a shifty figure who oversaw the arms sale back in May.  Clearly hoping to have the lance arrested on trumped up charges, Camax managed to lie and bluff their way out of the situation, and instead got the Greenthorns invited to board at the barracks.

That night Agramon snuck aboard the flagship of the navy ported in Lancastle, ascertained their mission, stole their charts, and returned uncaptured.

The following morning, before any alarm concerning the charts was raised, the Greenthorns headed back to the Wall post haste to report to Samuel.  According to their report the bandit Rob is conspiring with the corrupt army stationed at Lancastle, but is unaffiliated with any Northern forces.  Despite deviating from Rob's usual M.O., the bandits are no longer of Samuel's concern.

 As for the Lanks navy (never of any concern to the Wall, only to Argus), it was determined that they were destined for Lost Isle, a place shrouded in mystery roughly 100 miles off the coast of Lanks (see map)

 Finally, the Greenthorns have been joined by a new recruit, named Haam, a typically secretive fellow with a shadowy past and a hidden double bladed sword.



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