Broken Heroes

The King is dead. Long live… someone?

Wherein the Greenthorns are shanghied

Rumors have swept the countryside for weeks, but the first written word received is a letter to L.C. Tanner from Blackstone Hold, an old friend of Deven Talbot.  It is a writ from the Lord of Derby, a minor family under the house of Lincoln, requesting the service of his man currently conscripted at the Wall.  The letter bears grim news as well.  War has broken out in the south, between Kent and Devon, and Warwick has marshalled forces but has not yet marched.  There has been talk of Lincoln allying with Kent and Essex, and it seems likely Warwick will side with Devon, and if they do Derby will be the first to fall.

Tanner has been ordered to hold his post, he is sworn to the wall and Derby has no law here.  He has deserted to return to Blackstone.  The Greenthorns have been ordered to hunt him down, capture him, and return him to the Wall for execution.  Three men loyal to Tanner have also deserted, presumably with him, and are wanted dead or alive.

 Setting out post haste to catch up with Tanner and his men, the Greenthorns made a daring move- to cut through Lanks knowing their recent activities in Lancastle had resulted in an order for their arrest on charges of espionage.  Daring, but foolish, as five days south of the Wall, they encountered a patrol of twelve men who quickly recognized the brutish size of Ferd Halfgiant, and drew arms to arrest the lot of them.  The battle was savage and costly, as the end approached, four of the six Greenthorns still stood, albeit gravely injured, and only two of the patrol still held their ground.  Shaken and on the verge of surrender, the patrolmen rallied as Malek ran off to pursue one of them men that fled, and Michael Camax charged headlong into them.  Realizing that surrender would not be an option, the two men fought desperately for their lives.  Their desperation won out, as the Greenthorns were just too weary from the battle and having force marched the entire day.

 Tending to their comrades' injuries and keeping the Greenthorns subdued, the patrolmen eventually made their way to Lancastle to collect the bounty offered by W.O. Aaron, and to throw the Greenthorns into a workship bound for the Lost Isle.

Our Greenthorns woke to find themselves bound in small cages in the hold of a boat docked on the Lost Isle.  One by one they were lead out into the fresh air and set to work, separated from the rest of their squad.

Deven Talbot was set to the back breaking labor of carrying crates from the ship to the shore, and after several hours leaped into the sea in a desperate attempt to escape.  Oddly, none of the guards thought it worth their time to pursue him.

Agramon was given the task of chopping lumber, his work crew heavily guarded by bowmen.  After two days he found an opening to slip unnoticed into the woods.  There was no search party mounted.

Ferd Halfgiant was handed a sledge, and put to work breaking rocks for gravel, and went to work perfectly content in his lot.

Michael Camax was given the unpleasant task of building a new dock, driving pylons into the sand beneath the waves.  He has tried to negotiate with his captors, with little to no success.

Lastly, Malek has been ordered to assist in the building crew, raising wooden structures just inland of the beach.


None of the Greenthorns have seen one another since taken out of the boat that brought them there.



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