Broken Heroes

Tall Tails

Aftermath of Samuel's Strikeforce against the Northron Camp

The rumors start the instant the gates are opened for the strike force.  Ambushed, victorious, defeated, ancient treasures, sold his soul, beacon of hope….  The rumors settle down for a bit as prisoners are taken in to the dungeon, the injured are taken to the infirmary and the weary men clean up before sitting down for the first proper meal in over a month.  Before the sun sets the rumors are back in full force, but now with a shred of truth.

Northrons are consorting with giants and hell spawn.  Giants are real, just look at Ferd Halfgiant!  They're twice his size!  Hellhounds, dire wolves, ensorceled wolves- it doesn't matter, they're the size of ponies.  Their leader was a demon, their leader was a lizardman, he was a lizardman from hell, no he was a man who sold his soul for evil armor, no he found the armor and it drove him mad, it wasn't the armor, it was the sword, it was quenched in the blood of a god, of a demon, of the smith's own wife.

The privates take the rumors in stride, to them it is a game of who can weave the most believable tale without actually having been there.  To the militiamen it is a horrifying lession of what lies north of the Wall, and why they must serve to keep whatever it is out.  The officers would stop the rumors, but they know it would do no good, and only give them more credence.  Rarely do they participate.  It is Bill Williamson, though, that tells the story of how his Greenthorns, his fresh recruits just three months back, begged Samuel to allow them to hunt down the Northron leader until he gave them orders to on the condition that they would just shut up.  How his Greenthorns (named such because they were so fresh when he got them) tracked that man down and brought him to justice, of how valiantly they fought through the entire battle, but still weren't done fighting yet.  And Deven?  He's not done fighting yet either, as soon as he gets out of the infirmary, I'll show you the mark of a true Man of the Wall.

Its another month and a half later that the first of you pays for their own drink.



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