Broken Heroes

On the Road Again

Upon finding their post sacked, the Greenthorns marched a few days to the next outpost on the Wall to report.  The sergeant there was shocked, and immediately began to gather forces to investigate, leaving the Greenthorns to their own devices.  Michael managed to befriend the local quartermaster, who outfitted them and drew up papers that would release them of duty once the sergeant signed them.

 Released, the Greenthorns marched south to meet up with Tanner, an old friend of Deven's, to aid in the upcoming war for the throne.  After several weeks of dodging military encampments (not wanting to be pressed into service under York, or stripped of equipment for the war) and mercenary bands, the Greenthorns arrived at Blackstone Hold.

Resupplied and pointed in the direction of the war front, the Greenthorns headed off to reunite with Tanner and Keegan Talbot, Deven's father.


Here ends Chapter 1:  Prelude to War



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