Broken Heroes

Into the Wild

Last seen the Greenthorns had been shanghaied into working in labor camps on Lost Isle.  Much like everything else on that island, they soon became lost.  One by one they escaped into the wilderness, unfollowed by their captors.  Agramon slipped off into the night, and was never seen again.  Devon made a brash dive into the sea, and was baffled as his captors allowed him to escape.  Michael managed to barter his freedom on unknown conditions, and was sent with moderate supplies into the island's wilderness.  Malek ran headlong into the forests when the labor camp unexpectedly came under attack by unknown forces.  Ferd Halfgiant continued to break rocks, after all, work is work.


One by one the Greenthorns crossed paths in the wilderness, and conspired to break Ferd out of the camp.  Feinting to the east Michael and Malek distracted the guards while Devon came to gather Ferd out of the west.  Reunited, minus Agramon, the Greenthorns set about plotting to get off the island.  After a bizarre encounter with natives of the island, they settled on building a massive canoe, and nearly a month and a half later set forth for the Northlands, planning to then travel by foot through the foothills of the North to arrive back at their post.


Early in December the Greenthorns found their outpost razed, smoke still lingering in the sky, bodies picked clean.  No survivors were found, although the bodies of Samuel and Bill Willamson were not found.



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