Broken Heroes

Frigid Bitch

Wherein Greenthorns search for the Icelance

The recently formed Greenthorn Lance, headed by L.C. Camax, has been given their first orders:  Locate and escort home the overdue ranger patrol Icelance, commanded by L.C. Frost.  Icelance was assigned to monthly patrols, ordered to leave on the new moon, and return as that moon closes.  They were two weeks overdue, and while not unheard of, it is always bad.

 Overlaiden with food, the Greenthorns headed out into the harsh Northlands for the first time, uneasy at rumors of horse-sized, man-eating wolves.  After nearly a week of lumbering across the wilds, Frost's wolfhound found them, and lead them back to where the Icelance had been ambushed and slain.  While inspecting the bodies they realized too late that they had walked into an ambush themselves, as Northmen rained arrows from a crag above, and rushed their flanks.  Savage melee resulted, but in the end Greenthorn stood victorious.  After tending to their wounded, they had only limited success interrogating the one surviving ambusher, but did manage to gather that there was a camp two weeks march further north.  After locating the remainder of the slain lance and putting them to rest- as well as piking the ambushers as a warning to others, the Greenthorns marched south, their mission complete.





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