Broken Heroes

Dingo ate my Baby!

Wherein Greenthorns investigate Wolves.

Sergeant Samuel has asked a favor of our Greenthorns  A farming contact of his in the south has been having some issues with wolves, and has repeatedly asked for assistance.  Due to scarce resources, Sam delayed sending help until finally Jethrow (the farmer) sent word that the wolves have developed a taste for man-flesh and taken off his son.  Upon hearing this news, he gathered Michael, Furd and Malek and requested that they go investigate and deal with the problem.

 Sure enough, Jethrow's farm has been under attack by wolves, and his son is indeed missing.  After a harrowing search, the party located the wolf lair and came to the conclusion that the wolves had not been responsible for Tad's disappearance.  Brief questioning of the boy's father revealed that he may have eloped with a local village girl named Dora- who has coincidentally gone quite mad with horror and grief in the last two weeks.  Interrogation of two of young Tad's playmates confirmed that he may have had plans to elope, and had abandoned his mischievous habits.  The party 'arrested' the two youths (aged 15 and 10) for the 'murder' of Tad, and carried them off with plans to press them into service back at their outpost on the Wall.  During a debate as to the morality of such an action, the boys escaped into the night and were not seen again.

During debriefing by Samuel, the party mentioned the seeming uninvolvement of the wolves in the boy's disappearance, and the odd nature of Tad's tracks abruptly vanishing, while Dora's trail indicated flight back to her home.  Sam clearly found this unsettling, but was happy to hear that the wolves would no longer be harassing his precious cheese supply, even if it might be a while before any could be sent North.







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